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Monday 27 March 2023

French & Indian Wars (FIW)

 This week, I have been finishing off a project started last year, namely the painting and basing of two armies for the FIW.  The figures were given to me by Bob Black, partly painted and based.  I bought a few more from Ian Kay at Irregular Miniatures, including some French.

The French are line infantry (actually moulded as Austrians) in white:

I purchased a few more tricorne wearing infantry to make up a Royal American Regiment:

And finally I finished off Bob Black's Indians that were part painted:
I am now ready for a game, which I will report on when completed.

Thursday 16 March 2023

S Range Austrians

 I have been feeling a little guilty over the pile of Minifigs S Range Austrians sitting in a drawer for some time and, wondering what I should paint next, I decided to have a go at a few.

The main effort was two battalions of line infantry and rebasing some jaegers and gunners. They now form a nice little battlegroup:

If my mojo is maintained, I would like to paint a battalion of grenadiers and some militia.  We will see!

Saturday 11 March 2023

Hinchliffe Brunswick Line Infantry

 The latest unit to be updated are these Hinchliffe early 25mm Brunswick line infantry.  Like the Light Infantry in an earlier post these figures are from the true 25mm skinny age of Hinchliffe production.  The standard bearer is a conversion of one of the officer figures.

I am slowly assembling a number of units and I should be able to paint a British line infantry battalion soon:

Friday 10 March 2023

Meeting My Waterloo!

Will and I decided to give the Command & Colors Waterloo scenario a go, again using my in house rules.  I played Napoleon and the French and having read accounts of this battle on the C&C website I felt pretty confident of a french Victory.

For the game (appropriately) we used my Epic Waterloo figures and the 'village in a bag' buildings to represent the various objectives.  Before I begin, I should add that I was suffering from a really bad head cold and as the day wore on my enthusiasm waned, but what the heck, wasn't Napoleon ill back in 1815 and he er....lost!

Here is an overview of the battlefield, French on the right, Allies on the left:

Looking towards the Allies positions with La Haye Saint centre left:

And the left hand side of the battle with Hougoumont on the left.
The Allied ridge;

The battle kicked off with a brisk action around Hougoumont Farm, with French light troops attacking through the woods.  Eventually the British were overwhelmed and the French infantry took control of the buildings.  Attempts by the French to reinforce, however, were thwarted and the light infantry were left to hold the position.

Meanwhile, French infantry advanced towards and take La Haye Saint but suffer heavy casualties.

Supporting French cavalry is cleared away by a bold charge by the Union Brigade and French infantry casualties mount.
Over on the French left a concerted assault by the Allies destroys the French light and in the next turn the French hold on La Haye Saint crumbles.  The French are more or less back to their start positions having lost about half of their infantry.  An extensive exchange of fire by the opposing gun batteries cause further casualties but it is clear that the have lost the ability to continue the attack being just one loss from their exhaustion point.

Napoleon concedes and sneaks away to bed, hot lemon, and sympathy!

Overall the allied defence was strong, the French were over extended and maybe should have just concentrated on taking one objective rather than both.  I suppose one conciliation was that following a salvo from the Imperial Guard Foot Artillery it was observed that Wellington was unhorsed and seen being carried from the field! 

In any event it was a clear victory for the Allies.

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Battle Report - An Old School Battle

 Will came over for a gaming session on Sunday and for our first encounter I decided to pitch the French against the Austrians in a napoleonic encounter.  It was also a chance for me to get  the lovely Warrior Miniatures figures, painted by Jeffers, on to the table. I played the French and Will the Austrians.

Just for fun I went for small forces that were completely balanced.  The idea was that this would be a true battle of skill and some luck.  Each 'army' had five infantry battalions, one of which was light, one heavy cavalry and one light cavalry regiment, a general and a single battery.

There were no buildings on the table, just some small woods and low hills.  If some sense of reality was needed then I suppose this could represent the advance guard of two probing corps.  We used my in house Command & Colors rules.

The initial set up was as follows (seen from the Austrian side):

Both generals spotted the significance the large wood in the centre as French light and Austrian Jaegers raced for possession of area.  The Austrians got there first, but after a brisk fire fight they were ejected by the French light:

The line infantry on both sides began to move forward, with the French building on their right where they were countered by the Austrians.  The French Cuirassiers cantered forwards and forced an Austrian Regiment into square formation, slowing them down, but out of range of the French guns. The French cavalry pulled back again:

The French cavalry were active on their left flank too, their lancers attempting to drive off another Austrian battalion that was supported by Austrian Hussars.

Unfortunately for the French, Will, who is a master at swinging his cavalry around the field, attacks the French lancers in the rear with his heavy cavalry and drives them back.

Meanwhile..... over on the right, the French infantry make steady progress, supported by cavalry and light infantry

But it is on the left where a bitter struggle is taking place as the hard pressed French try to hold back a strong Austrian push.  The Cuirassiers are pulled away from the right to counter those pesky Austrian Hussars that threaten the French infantry

The arrival of the Austrian heavy cavalry on the left forces the French Cuirassiers to pull back, but the bold move by the Austrians brings them into range of the French guns where they are shattered by artillery and musket fire

The action now shifts to the centre as the French right wing gradually forces the Austrians back as they swing around towards the Austrian centre.  However, the Austrian battery and their remaining Jaegers cause casualties on the advancing French.  A dash by the French Cuirassiers to deal with the Austrian guns leads to their demise.
Another charge by the Austrian Hussars is beaten off by a French battalion that successfully forms a square, but the square is peppered by Austrian muskets and eventually destroyed.
French infantry attempt to assault the Austrian guns but are again beaten back grape shot, however a second French battalion finally clears out the Austrian Jaegers.
Both armies front up to each other forming two rough lines.  The French light hold the central wood where they pour a devastating fire onto the already damaged Austrian line infantry.
Still the French are unable to deal with the Austrian battery,  but the French are slowly winning the firefight
The collapse of the Austrian right of the line is sufficient to break the Austrian morale as they exceed their exhaustion point.  they call it a day and leave the field.
This was an excellent game and was thoroughly enjoyable as the fortunes of both sides swung back and forth.  This is the second time that I have played a game with just a few troops on the table and the results have been rewarding on both occasions.

Thursday 2 March 2023

British Napoleonic Light Infantry

 Some of these figures have been hanging around since the 70s and a few weeks ago I acquired a few more to make up a full unit.  They are the original Hinchliffe, true 25mm castings that I have a real soft spot for.  I like the fact that they are in skirmish order with no back packs and I also think that the shako looks right too.

I am on the hunt for a few more early Hinchliffe items and hope to assemble some more units.