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Sunday 27 October 2013

R17 Russian Infantry Firing - Soft Hat   

Painted as Jagers, the latest addition consisting of Russian line infantry in greatcoats and soft hats in the standing firing position. Jagers were distinguished by their black leather straps. I have also converted the officer figure and standard bearer by removing the helmeted heads and adding soft hat heads. I also added a spike to the flag pole. This was made from the top of a cocktail stick:

Sunday 20 October 2013

B19 Highlander Advancing  

There is only one highland figure in the range:

British Artillery - Unpainted figures   

B12 Foot Artillery Officer with Sword

B13 Foot Artillery Gunner with Spike

B14 Foot Artillery Gunner with Ball

B15 Foot Artillery Gunner with Ramrod

B20 Foot Artillery Outrider

B8 Guards Officer   

Just for the record here is a picture of an un painted British Guards Officer:

The Scots Greys    

The latest addition to the British cavalry force is a painted unit of Douglas Miniatures B2, Scots Greys. These were fun to paint being a bit different, but I had real trouble with the swords. Most broke off and had to be replaced. The way I did this was to drill a hole into the sword hand having filed down the stump of the old sword. This hole can be carefully opened up to form a groove. The new sword is made from a thin strip of metal from the lid of a bean can, which can be cut with a good pair of scissors. The point is shaped with a quick trim and the new sword slots into the groove with some super glue to hold it in place. I decided that one figure should carry a guidon. This was sourced from the internet, sized and duplicated to get both sides. I added some cotton tassels, which were painted gold.

Wednesday 16 October 2013

French Infantry - Zouaves    

Douglas Miniatures has but one French figure in the Crimean war range, and that is F1, French Zouave. The figure is shown unpainted in an earlier thread, but here is a full unit painted:

They were great fun to paint, although the detail on the casting is quite vague. The next unit to be painted will be another British heavy cavalry unit, the Scots Greys.

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Russian Cossack Horse Artillery      

After a short break from painting, I have just completed one of the limber sets, which I featured in an earlier post. This has now been assembled and painted. It was a bit of a fiddle getting it all to go together, but got there in the end. Here is the new artillery team:

And deployed: