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Tuesday 25 October 2022

Battle Report - Russia 1943

 Will and I played a quick tank battle, involving a few German and Soviet tanks.  I had six PzIVs and Will seven T-34s, two of which were armed with the longer 85mm gun.  We used my own 'Tank Action' rules which I have posted on this blog before.

The setting is a rural area with a river running across the centre and a key bridge (Bellona Bridge!).  there is also a ford.  Terrain consists of a small village, some low hills and a few small woods, seen here from the German end:

And the soviet end:

Both sides, out of effective range, moved into firing positions, with the Germans closing on the bridge and the soviets occupying the high ground near the village and the village itself:

Soon the tanks were close enough for some long range shots which were largely ineffective, but first blood came for the Soviets, which saw a PzIV brewing up from an 85mm round:

German revenge came quickly and a T-34/85 was destroyed:
The battle see sawed backwards and forwards as the Germans held a line along the river and the Soviets edged forwards.  The Soviets had more success, bringing two tanks up to the ford, knocking out another of the panzers:

However the germans were now in strong positions where they could engage the Soviet tank side armour. The Soviet success in crossing the ford was short lived as a 75mm round penetrated the armour of a T-34:

The soviet tanks continued to edge forwards and soon they had a tank on the bridge:

The battle raged around the bridge, with the soviet tanks moving around the flanks and engaging the Germans at close range.  Soon there were tanks burning across the field:
In the end the Soviets ran out of steam with just one operational tank remaining.  The germans had just two.  Whilst judged to be a German victory they were in no shape to carry on and would not be able to defend the bridge without reinforcement.

A fun game and another chance to play test my tank battle rules:

Monday 24 October 2022

Battle Report - Bull Run

Over the weekend, Will came to visit with the intention of getting some soldiers on the table and playing a game or two.  As it happened, we managed three games.

The first was the battle of Bull Run 21 July 1861, based upon the Command and Colors scenario, which is focussed upon the action around Henry Hill house. The rules used were from 'Battle Cry, minus the cards:

The troops were set out in accordance with the map, essentially with the Confederates advancing behind the ridge under Jackson, with Stuart's cavalry on their left.  The Union forces in greater number were arrayed in a long line behind Henry Hill House. This is the table at the start up:

The battle began with my Union forces beginning to advance towards the ridge, while Will moved troops on to the ridge along with some artillery.  The Confederate opening volleys cut into the Union lines:

Now, Will is a Napoleonic buff and is unfamiliar with ACW tactics and firepower.  He seriously underestimated the weapon rages and effect of 1860s weapons.  His regiments on the ridge became very exposed and suffered appalling casualties.  His artillerymen were felled and worst of all, General Jackson is shot off his horse.  The Union sweeps the ridge clean of the Confederates.

Despite several counter attacks, the devastating fire from the Union reduce the grey lines even further.

Will tries to outflank the Union forces by using his cavalry that sweep around the Union right:

They are met by Union artillery fire and a counter attack bu Union horsemen.  Charging uphill the Confederate cavalry is checked, suffering severe casualties and forced back:

In the following turn the Confederate cavalry suffer more casualties and General Jeb Stuart falls.

It is over.  After the quickest game we have fought, having lost both Generals the rebels crumble and run for it. A decisive Union victory is recorded at 6-1, although several of the Union regiments are severely battered. However, the lessons have been learned and Will agrees to a rematch, swapping sides. 

Sunday 23 October 2022

Remaining Warships

 The additional bases turned up in the post allowing me to complete the last of my WW2 1/3000 warships.  On the german side these include the battlecruiser sisters Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, and heavy cruisers Hipper and Blucher:

On the British side, there were just two cruisers that needed to be based and painted, HMS London and Glasgow:

That completes my two Davco fleets and I must say the rather unimpressive lumps of metal that came through the post, look much better with a little paint applied. I can feel a Channel dash coming on!

Tuesday 18 October 2022

The Abyssinian Army

 Last year Bob Black gave me a large number of his colonial troops that were partially painted and based, but needed quite a lot of work to finish them off. In parallel I have been working on three armies and the first was finally completed last night.

The figures are 25/28mm Irregular Miniatures and I think come from a 100 piece army which make up six warrior warbands and two cavalry regiment, one of which consists of heavy lancers.

the figures are really nice to paint and have lots of character, provided by the many varieties of heads and poses.

Work continues on a British colonial army, a British WW1 Middle East army and a Russian army! The latter having taken a back seat for the moment.

Sunday 16 October 2022

WW2 Warships

 I have been chatting with Goya about naval wargaming, as he expands his collection of 1/1200 WW2 ships.  This has fired up my enthusiasm to dig out my half completed fleets and finally finish them off.  My ships are 1/3000 scale by Davco.

Over the past few days I have based the outstanding models and painted them, creating two fleets.  The first is German, led by the Battleships Bismarck and Tirpitz, with supporting battlecruisers, cruisers and destroyers:

My second fleet is British, built up around the carrier Illustrious, with Hood, Prince of Wales, the older Revenge and Ramillies, supported by cruisers and destroyers.

I have a few more German battlecruisers to complete as I ran out of long bases and I am awaiting a resupply.

Friday 14 October 2022

Rohan Cavalry

Some cavalry for the good chaps. these are more 40mm Combat Hex figures and are all personalities.  I have not been able to find any ordinary troopers so far:

I am getting close to completing all of these figures, with about 20 to go. I have run out of MDF bases and I am awaiting a resupply.

Wednesday 12 October 2022

More Combat Hex Figures

Over the last few days I have spent several pleasant hours basing more 40mm Lord of the Rings Combat Hex figures.  I purchased a huge pile very cheaply and I have quite a few left to complete.  The results are quite pleasing and I am looking forward to getting them on the table for a game.

First some Wolf Riders:

A warband of medium infantry:

Heavy infantry:

A horde of Orc warriors:

The Fellowship:

Goblin archers: