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Wednesday 31 January 2018

Peninsular Warriors - French Horse Artillery

These splendid fellows were a real joy to paint and add some mobile heavy metal to my French Peninsular forces. Strictly speaking, these are Guard Horse Artillery; their line brethren wore shakos, however, they will serve well supporting my French cavalry.

This group completes my French artilley, with one horse and three foot batteries:

Tuesday 30 January 2018

Peninsular Warriors - British Foot Artillery

Next off the production line are these Warrior Miniatures British Foot Artillery. Unfortunately Warrior only produce post 1812 figures with the Belgic shako, so I had to do some head swaps to give them stovepipe shaped shakos.

The conversion worked well and the figures were fun to paint. The result was quite pleasing:

Thursday 25 January 2018

Peninsular Warriors - Portuguese Cacadores

A friend kindly gave me some British Warrior figures that had been sitting in his stash for years and he felt that he would probably never paint them. They included some British Rifles. I already have one unit of these figures and having two in such a small army seemed excessive. So, after a bit of research and some minor conversion work, I decided to paint them as Portuguese light infantry; rifle armed Cacadores. With their unique brown uniforms and blue facings they looked quite smart. Here is the result:

Next in the production line are French Horse Artillery and British Foot Artillery.

Tuesday 23 January 2018

Peninsular Warriors - French Horse Grenadiers

It has been a while since my last post, but my gaming room was taken over by guests during Christmas/New Year, which led to a flooded bathroom, which affected the gaming room, putting it out of action for even longer. Workmen will be in this week to sort things out. As a consequence production of painted figures and games have been very limited.

However; I found some very old and battered cavalry figures that came with an ebay purchase. I had almost discarded them, when I realised that in fact they were by Warrior and were early versions of their French Guard Grenadiers a Cheval. I bought two more to make the numbers up and repaired some broken swords. Here they are after a lick of paint: