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Thursday 25 August 2022

Colonial British Artillery

 Last night I finished  painting a pair of guns with crew, along with a mounted officer. These are more Irregular Miniatures and I really like them.  I wanted to finish them off before a break from painting as I have house guests arriving over the weekend.  

And guess what - its raining huzzah!

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Figure Scale

 In my last post there are the beginnings of a discussion on scale, in particular how Irregular Miniatures 25/28mm figures compare to other ranges and are they 25mm or 28mm.  

The photo below shows how the figures compare.  On the left is a 25mm Minifigs (chubby variety) figure, then the Irregular Miniatures offering, followed a Warlord 28mm plastic soldier, then old and later Hinchliffe figures.

Irregular figures are a bit small to match modern 28mm figures, but work well with Hinchliffe and a bit oversize for Minifigs.

I hope that this is of use.

Tuesday 23 August 2022

Colonial Highlanders

 Here in Bedfordshire we have still not had any rain and it remains hot and stuffy - too hot to spend any time in the war room.  So, I have been working in the shade outside, continuing you paint colonial figures.

The latest batch are Irregular Miniatures 25mm Highlanders.  They are lovely figures and easy to paint:

Some artillery next methinks.

Friday 19 August 2022

My Hot Weather Project

 The recent hot weather has kept me out of the wargames room and so no games have been played and for a while it was too hot to do very much at all.  However, I set myself up in the kitchen with a desk fan and some paints and decided that over the 7 - 10 days I would try and complete a project.  Some months ago, in fact in 2021, Bob Black gave me an abandoned project consisting of an Abyssinian colonial army (about 100 figures) and an assortment of British WW1 colonial troops.  I thought it would be fun to paint these two armies.  Some were bare metal and others had been well painted, but all would need basing and changed to match my painting style.  The majority of the figures were 25mm scale from Irregular Miniatures.

Starting with the Abyssinians, there were two cavalry units of 12 figures and half a dozen infantry units of 16 men with a mix of rifles, swords and spears. Here are some of them:

The British are quite a mix and are really not matched exactly to the Abyssinians, but I am sure I can devise an excuse for a second Abyssinian expedition in 1919!

The British units are smaller but better armed, consisting of Infantry, Gurkhas, ANZACs, Naval Infantry and some Indians:

The Abyssinians have some splendid fellows with portable sunshades too:

I have about 20 figures remaining and the project will be complete, after which some pictures of the two armies will be posted.