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Saturday 22 June 2024

Australian Infantry 54mm

 Continuing my experiments with WW2 figures and Speed Paints, I have just completed some Airfix Australian infantry.  Getting the green shade was a challenge but I finished up with a 2:1 ratio mix of 'Holy White' and 'Camo Green'.  The white is actually a light grey.  The webbing is 'Pallid Bone'.

The figures were quite clean with good definition and nice detail.

These were the only Australians that I have, so I am missing a couple of poses, including a Bren gunner figure.

Thursday 20 June 2024

Experimenting with Speed Paints

 Most of my painting using Speed paints has been on figures of a more colourful nature.  I thought it might be fun to try the techniques on some WW2 figures.

Choosing the right colours was an interesting exercise, as the paints seem to be tailored towards the fantasy world, with 'Goblin Skin', 'Slaughter Red' and 'Palid Bone' being examples.  However, it is possible to mix the paints and to thin them down to make lighter tones.

As an experiment, I primed and based some 54mm Airfix Japanese and a single Britains 8th Army figure. Here are the results:

I am going to paint some more Japanese and some Airfix Australians.  I have in mind a Jungle based skirmish game.

Tuesday 18 June 2024

The Story So Far............

 I thought that I would set out on the table my collection of Roman/Carthaginian figures as they would be for a Command and Colors game.  Just about enough for a number of the scenarios:

With just a few more figures to go I am almost ready for the first game.

Monday 17 June 2024

Punic Wars Italian Cavalry

 Coming to the end of the production line now.  This latest batch are HaT 1/32 scale aliied Italian cavalry.  

They were a joy to paint using a mix of Speed and Acrylic paints:

I shall soon be in a position to display the two complete armies with a Command Colors Ancient wargame.

Sunday 16 June 2024

54mm Punic Wars Velites and Elephant

 Another batch of figures are completed.  A set of HaT Republican Roman Velites (light infantry) as well as a Carthaginian war elephant and crew.

The Velites wear the classic wolf skins and carry javelins and swords:

The Carthaginian War Elephant has a crew of three, a driver, a soldier with a long pike and a standard bearer.  The set makes up into a nice model; however, it is quite small, probably closer to 1/35 scale, maybe even 1/48.  That said it looks OK and I am sure that it will blend in on the wargames table:

I am currently working on some Italian allied cavalry.  After that, I have some imperial roman infantry to paint.

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Battle of the Boyne - Part 2

 Yesterday, Bob Black came over with the aim of completing our unfinished Battle of the Boyne game.  We left the game a couple of weeks ago with the Williamite forces struggling to gain a foothold on the Jacobite side of the river.  Several attempts had been thwarted with the loss of two foot regiments.  

Jacobite cavalry charges had also succeeded in pushing back William's advance, destroying a Dutch unit, but the Jacobite cavalry had suffered with two horse regiments having to leave the field.

We catch up with the action once again over on the Williamite left, as Schomberg's cavalry crash into Dillon's Irish Piquets.  Kirke's regiment crosses the river in support. The Irish infantry are pushed back as William gains a toe hold on the left.

In the centre, James orders more infantry to advance down to the river bank, facing Danish and English troops.
In a counter move, William advances into the river once more in the centre and the Dutch advance on the right.  The Lord High Admiral Regiment, in yellow, moves up in support.
A major action ensues as William's army begins to gain ground on the Jacobite side of the river.
Meanwhile on the opposite flank, alarmed by the advancing Williamite cavalry, King James orders the Jacobite cavalry to charge into Schomberg's dragoons.  A large cavalry melee takes place.
The battle in the centre swings back and forth and despite heavy casualties the Williamite troops continue to edge into the Jacobite lines.
In an attempt to restore the situation Bob's Jacobites make a determined counter attack.  It does not go well and despite damaging the Danes they fail to destroy them and William's force clings onto their gained ground.
The Jacobites are forced back, losing more troops in the process.
Then King Jame's army collapses.  A cavalry charge by Schomberg's horse, supported by Oxford 's blue regiment destroys the Jacobite cavalry.  Their rout causes the Jame's men to break and head for the rear.  the battle is over and William wins 6 - 4, although most of his units are severely damaged.

This was an excellent game which we both enjoyed.  Plans are being hatched for a rematch, possibly an early Jacobite Rebellion action set in Scotland.

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Republican Romans

 The first batch of Romans is now complete.  These are HaT 54mm figures, consisting of 20 Hastati. Once again I have used Army Painter Speed paints and this batch took three days to complete.  Day one was basing and priming, day two the painting, day three touching up and painting the bases.

Next up will be the Velites which are going through the basing and priming stage.