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Friday 29 September 2023

Ros Napoleonics

 I have had some Ros 25mm figures sitting on the work bench for a while just awaiting some final touches and basing.  Yesterday I finally completed them.

The first batch, just for a change, are some French Imperial Guards, painted as the Dutch 3rd Regiment of Grenadiers:

I have also finished another British line battalion:

I have added these to two other battalions painted a month or so ago to form a new brigade:

I still have some fusiliers and a light infantry battalion to finish.

Sunday 10 September 2023

And some Tommies........

 Also from Irregular Miniatures, I have just finished painting a British infantry company for my WW1 trench war project.  Again, nice figures and fun to paint:

A New Project - WW1 Trench Warfare

For some time I have been contemplating some games based on later WW1 battles but finding a trench system has proved a challenge.  Recently I was lucky enough to get hold of a big box of Amara vacuformed plastic trenches; enough to cover both sides of a 6 x 4 table.  I spent several days painting them.

I was hoping to play these games in 15 -20mm scale but my recent acquisition is really for 28mm figures. So I decided to buy a British and german force from Irregular Miniatures and have been having fun painting the figures.  First off the production line are group of Germans:

A similar size British force is nearing completion.  I plan to steadily work through the figures over the coming weeks.

Thursday 7 September 2023

Risk Fantasy Figures

 I have had a game of Lord of the Rings Risk hanging around unused for years.  I doubt I will ever use it but the little figures have some gaming potential.  They are about 10 -12 mm scale and consist of several foot and mounted types.  For me, they were just a painting opportunity waiting to happen.

For someone wishing to start up a fantasy game or campaign the figures can be found easily and acquired cheaply.  Yhis is what I have done so far:

Some elephant and troll types:

A Nazgul and Black Riders:

A host of Orcs or Goblins:

Some Rohan riders:

And Elf archers:

A squadron of Eagles:

I have no idea what I will do with them, but they look much better now!

Sunday 3 September 2023

Ancient Ancients

 I have been keen to try out Command & Colors Ancient battles, having had some success with the Medieval set of rules.  I also wanted to get my ancinet figures on the table, that I have been steadily basing for the last couple of years.  A visit by Bob Black seemed the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

I set up two fictional armies; a Greek based army, The Aegeans, that was a a mix of greeks and Persians and the Adriatics, a Roman, North African mix.

The two armies faced each other off across a flat plain with just a couple of palm wooded areas. The Aegeans are nearest the camera:

With a large number of heavy infantry, supported by some light skirmishers, light and medium cavalry and some elephants:
The Adriatic army has a heavy infantry centre, supported by skirmishers, African medium infantry and two units of medium cavalry.
The Aegean Commander riding ahead of the elephants.

The African component consisting of spear and shield medium infantry and some skirmishers with javelins.

The Adriatics made the first move with some archers coming forward to attack the Aegean skirmishers.  This was ineffective.

The Aegean light responded and the Adriatic skirmishers were driven off with some casualties.
The Aegeans then made a bold move on the right flank, with blocks of heavy infantry moving towards the Adriatic left:
Despite a vigorous defence by the Adriatic heavy infantry, the Aegeans pushed forwards.

Over on the Aegean right flank some Adriatic cavalry and skirmishers advanced to take hold of the small palm wood.  The Aegeans countered with some light cavalry and heavy infantry.  The Aegean cavalry suffered heavy losses, but the remorseless Agean infantry destroy the skirmishers an drive out the remaing enemy cavalry.

In an attenmpt to take off the pressure on his crumbling left flank the Adriatic commander orders forward his African regiments, consisting of light and medium infantry:

However, it is too late.  The Aegean infantry, having suffered some casualties, continue to press into the Adriatic left and the left wing collapses.  This pushes the Adriatics beyond their exhaustion point towards a crushing defeat.

This was a great game and understanding the rules was greatly helped by our recent foray into Command & Colors Medieval games.  Troop classes are reflected by the little coloured dots on the bases.  The figures are a mix of early Minifigs, Garrison and some Hinchliffe elephants.  I am keen to beter organise my troops so that some more historical actions may take place.