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Wednesday 30 October 2019

Warrior - Prussian Dragoons

I bought these figures on Ebay and I have repainted them. I now have two dragoon regiments, a Cuirassier and a hussar regiment. I have also painted some test infantry figures, which look quite good:

Monday 7 October 2019

Austrian Cuirassiers - 25mm Minifigs S range

I have been working on these figures for several weeks and over the weekend I finally finished them.  These are Austrian Napoleonic Cuirassiers, with some clever conversions to create command figures, kindly carried out by a friend.

I enjoyed painting these, although I am not sure that I have done them justice and I might go back and tidy up one or two aspects:

Friday 4 October 2019

Hichliffe WW2 British Infantry 20mm

The refurbishment of the first lot of my Hinchliffe 20mm British is now complete.  I am also replacing some of the plastic figures with Hinchliffe originals too:

Basic Memoir '44 units:

A Vickers MG unit:
Command figures, forward observer team, flame thrower etc:

Thursday 3 October 2019

Hinchliffe WW2 Russians

The second very kind gift was of a quantity of Hinchliffe 20mm Russian infantry and gunners.  There are sufficient figures to make up a useful force with support weapons.

The infantry come in three basic poses - an officer, an infantry man with a sub-machine gun and a rifleman:
Here is the whole infantry force:
In addition the batch of figures contained enough crews to man four support weapons. First off, I used three to man a mortar:
Two further crews were used to man a couple of 76mm guns by Irregular Miniatures:
The last crew were used to man a seriously large anti-tank gun, again by Irregular Miniatures:
Finally, I also finished this German Pak 40 by Hinchliffe, with a crew:

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Hinchliffe WW2 20mm Figures

In the 1970s my brothers and I purchased a few of the then emerging range of Hinchliffe WW2 figures and they have been sitting in drawers for decades. Recently with my introduction to Memoir '44 I have started using these figures, as seen in the recently played out Pegasus Bridge scenario.

The discussion following Pegasus bridge led to some very kind gifts of Hinchliffe Russians and Germans from fellow bloggers. This has allowed me to expand my collection, and of course given me the opportunity to paint some different figures.

Here are some samples of German infantry, notably some support weapons and a few infantry:

An Mg 42 team and an 8cm mortar with crew:
Anti-tank teams:
German infantry:
German elite troops:
I have already painted a number of British infantry and I am near to completion of a large group of Russians. More pictures to follow.