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Friday 17 July 2020

Afghan Tibesmen - Colonial Wars

Turning my attention to another Colonial theatre of war, I have just completed my first batch of Afghan fighters. I have some more on my workbench and a promise of some more to come - I hope. These figures will provide an enemy for my Gurkhas and a British line unit, both of which are nearing completion.

These figures are 25mm by Miniature Figurines and I think they look quite nice when painted. Here is the first batch:

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Update for the week

I have been quite busy finishing off some small projects. 

First off, I have completed my colonial highland regiment, by adding another figure and an officer, bringing the total up to 12.  They are by Barry Minot. The new figures were kindly given to me by a very generous wargamer:

Also donated to the cause are these lovely rifle armed Zulus, also by Minot:

I have also completed a group of Hadendowah warriors. These came from Tradition and I believe they are from the original Stadden range:

And finally, just for fun, I felt the urge to paint some Airfix Union soldiers in the form of a kneeling firing line:

Sunday 5 July 2020

British RML 2.5" Screw Gun with Indian Crew

Continuing to add to my colonial forces, then next item off the production line is this rather nice Screw Gun with Indian crew. The model and gunners are by Tradition  and will support my British infantry in various theatres of operation, but primarily for operations on the North West Frontier:

Saturday 4 July 2020


I have been buying Humbrol paints for something like 50 years and I have amassed quite a collection. In fact so many that storing the little tinlets had become quite a challenge.  About five years ago I invested in a couple of storage racks, which was fine for both Humbrol and Revell tinlets. Then, for some unknown reason, Mr Humbrol decided the wrap paper instructions around the tins, making them so wide that they would no longer fit the little holders.

Note new Humbrol paints standing proud of the storage compartments:

Are easy, I hear you say. Where it says peel here, you can pull off the paper wrapper. So you can, but a sticky residue is left on the tin that sticks to my paint rack, my fingers and everything else when I try to lift them out.  I tried rubbing the glue off, but it is very resistant to scraping and various solvents. Besides, why should I have to clean every new tin. 

I do hate improvements. This new 'improved' blogger, for example, is far less user friendly than the old set up. Progress I suppose!

Friday 3 July 2020

Another small addition to my colonial armies

The latest unit to join the ranks is a Gatling Gun and crew.  I believe these are by Hinchliffe.  They will give my small Sudan and Afghanistan British forces some much needed firepower: