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Tuesday 29 March 2016

Chasseurs d' Afrique - Minifigs S Range

As part of the process of upgrading the ebay job lot, next on my list is a unit of French Chasseurs d' Afrique. They came on early minifig horses in a strange prancing pose, so I replaced those and generally tidied them up in keeping with the style of the rest of my collection. They turned out quite well and will make a useful addition to my growing French army:

Sunday 27 March 2016

Two more new castings from Old John

In addition to the French gunners and British officer, I also received samples of a highland standard bearer and line infantry drummer in Albert shako. Both are lovely figures which turned out well with a splash of paint.

The highlanders have given me the urge to buy a whole regiment - painted as the 79th Camerons, the final highland regiment in my collection:

British Mounted Line Infantry Officer

This figure from Old John is a Minifigs conversion that represents a mounted British line infantry officer. He wears the Albert shako and has the saddle and horse tackle moulded into the figure. The casting is nice and clean with sharp definition. He makes a fine addition to my collection, although the horse furniture as moulded is not really suitable for the Crimea. I did a little chopping to represent a rolled blanket and saddle bags:

Saturday 26 March 2016

French Artillery - Minifigs Recasts

I received some samples of new figures in the Minifigs S Range recasts from Old John. These aim to fill some gaps in the original range and provide new figures where they were not included in the range at all. First up is a splendid group of French artillery, with shakos and the early war plume. They paint up very well and look the part alongside their mates from the rest of the range:

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Turkish Line Infantry - Scruby

These figures have been a project on the back burner for many months, and I have finally finished them off. The bulk are from the Scruby Crimean range (now Historifigs), however, I felt that a mounted officer would be nice to have. He is made from John Cunningham Turkish cavalry conversion, mounted upon a Douglas Miniatures horse. I also decided to make a standatd bearer. He is converted from a Minifigs S Range French artillery man, with a new head and a scratch built standard. The crescent on top of the pole is from scrap: