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Thursday 10 March 2022

Ros 25mm Napoleonic Scots Greys

Continuing the renovation of my Ros 25mm collection, it is the turn of my Scots Greys for a brush up.  These figures are from my original collection purchased in 1975, so nearly 50 years old!  They have been involved in countless table top battles and much of the paintwork was scratched and worn.

Another Cuirassier regiment is on the painting table also receiving a full refurbishment.  It is great seeing these old figures gaining a new lease of life once completed.

Thursday 3 March 2022


 One of the reasons for my low number of recent posts is that this blog is attracting a good deal 'Spam' comments.  Most are coming from Asia and come under the guise of 'university courses'.  There is also an increasing number of gambling spam messages, again from Asia.

I spend quite a bit of time going through these 'comments' and deleting them as they appear.