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Thursday 28 April 2022

Project Completed.

 Last night I finished the remaining figures needed to complete my Quatre Bras Project.  The planned battle will take place this weekend so painting all of the figures in time has been a 'near run thing!'.

This batch consists of a battalion of Scots:

Another British Line battalion:

A second Brunswick battalion:

Some Brunswick Lancers (converted from Minifigs S range Austrians):

And a Brunswick battery (converted from really old figures):

It will be good to take a break from painting and get some figures onto the table.

Monday 25 April 2022

More Ros British

Over the weekend I finished off some more refurbished Ros 25mm British.  The first unit is an infantry battalion in belgic shako:

Also one each of foot and horse artillery:

Just two units to go to finish off the allies.  I am running out of time to be ready for the coming weekend and the French may have to make do with what is already finished in my Ros and Warrior collections.

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Brunswick Hussars

Today it was the turn of the Brunswick Hussars to take to the field.  I have been painting in the background for several weeks while I have been working through other projects and finally finished them off last night.

The figures are all Minifigs S range castings and will fit in well with my Ros British.

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Dutch Militia and British Light

Finished off this morning are two units.  The first is battalion of Dutch Militia troops.  They are Minifigs S Range Spanish line, paint converted.  Their command is provided by a British Light Infantry officer and standard bear, also S range:

The second unit represents  British Light infantry.  the figures are mostly Ros 25mm with a Minifigs S Range commander and standard bearer:

Monday 18 April 2022

25mm Minifigs S range Dutch Line Infantry

This morning I finished off a unit of Dutch Line Infantry.  All of these figures are by Minifigs S Range.  I have have had them in my collection for quite a few years so it is good to have them painted up and ready for use on the table:

Sunday 17 April 2022

Ros Figures 25mm French Cuirassiers

The second batch of Ros 25mm French Cuirassiers to be refurbished are now complete. I continue to work through a seemingly endless amount of figures, but progress is being made.

Saturday 16 April 2022

The Collection of Count Goya - Waterloo British Infantry

Count Goya, the prolific collector and painter from north of the border has sent me some pictures of part his wonderful Napoleonic figure collection. These are British infantry form around 1815 and represent most of the British regiments that fought at Waterloo.  I thought I would share some of the pictures. which are  mostly 'old school' Minifigs, Hinton Hunt and Les Higgins examples as pure eye candy. I look forward to seeing more of his armies in the future.

An overview of the British contingent, bearing in mind that the artillery and cavalry are not included here:

The we have some pictures of the various brigades:

Then some closer images of these lovely figures:

Wonderful stuff!

Two more units have been refurbished.

The first unit is made up of 10 Ros British Riflemen, painted to represent the 60th Rifles. Ros did not produce a Rifles command, so I have added a bugler from Minifigs and an officer by Les Higgins. They are now ready to take to the field:

The second unit is a British Line Infantry battalion, again by Ros.  All of the figures are Ros Miniatures:

Friday 15 April 2022


Off the production line today are two units of Brunswickers.  The Line Infantry are refurbishments while the Jaegers were painted from scratch.  All are Minifigs S Range figures:

I hope to have a couple of British units completed by tomorrow.

Thursday 14 April 2022

Nassau Troops

Next off the production line of my 1815 allied army are two units of Nassau troops.  Both are from Minifigs S range of figures.  The first, a unit of Grenadiers, are the only Nassau figures available in the S Range. The second unit consists of paint converted French troops; the standard bearer is from the Dutch Belgian range:

Next will be some Brunswick figures.

Wednesday 13 April 2022

Napoleonic Bonanza - Bavarians and Prussians

I am having a blitz on a number of incomplete projects as I am planning a couple of games over the May Day bank holiday.  I have around 25 units to brush up by that date.

Clearing the painting table, I finished off these Bavarian Light Horse from Minifigs S range figures.  The painting was done by Alan, a friendly and kind blog reader, who also converted the figures using British Scots Greys bodies and Bavarian infantry heads.  My contribution was just to paint five of the horses and base them. They do look splendid and will now join my slowly expanding Bavarian army:

Another little project has been the refurbishment of these two Prussian generals that I purchased off eBay.  One had a broken sword which was repaired using a sliver of baked bean can:

Coming up will be a number of 25mm Anglo Dutch units for a proposed Quatre Bras wargame.

Sunday 3 April 2022

The Collection of Clive Smithers

As previously stated, Clive Smithers sadly passed away last year and as is well known he was an avid and prolific collector of all things wargaming, especially old school 20 and 25mm figures.  He was also extremely knowledgable when it came to 'old school' figures.

I have spoken to Gavin, Clive's brother, on several occasions in recent months and the description of Clive's collection is mind boggling.  The exact number of figures in the collection is not fully known, but it runs into the tens of thousands.  Many of these figures can be viewed on Clive's blogs which remain live, such as 'The Lone S Ranger' or the 'Old metal Detector'.

The collection has now been gathered up and is due to be sold at auction on 27 May 2022.  I attach a link to the auction site.  The sale will be a timed auction on that day:

The Clive Smithers Auction

The catalogue has not been published yet and may not appear for a couple of weeks before the auction.  OI will give an update once the catalogue is released.

Please note that there is a buyers premium of 25% plus VAT.  Unless a winning lot is collected there will also be p&P charges.