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Monday 5 July 2021

Spring Review and Army Reforms

My recent reviews of my armies has moved on to a rationalisation process that examined my figure holdings compared to what I really need. I was somewhat shocked at what I discovered.

Now, I have been collecting soldiers since the late 1960s and have accumulated a wide variety in significant numbers.  One reason for this is that I simply like toy soldiers and really enjoy painting them but as a wargamer there are far more than I need.  I worked out that I had five French 25mm napoleonic armies; a Minifig, a Minifig S Range, Prince August, Warrior and Ros Figures.  I decided to shed three, leaving one for the Penisular War and the other for more general conflict.  

I did the same for my British armies shedding an almost equal number.  In addition I rid myself of a large Austrian and a Russian army.  My collection of 1/72 plastic tanks and vehicles has gone (to a very good home) as well as Minifig Roman and Barbarian armies.  In all I have reduced my holdings by about 3000 figures both painted and unpainted.

The decision to do this was not taken lightly and I really loved many of those collections, but they would never all be used and the lead mountain is now just a large hill.

This process has been very time consuming, but I am nearing the end of it and I look forward to spending more time on the remaining armies, which remain quite large.

I have a Warrior British army and another made up of Ros figures, a Ros Prussian Army, French armies by Ros and Warrior, Minifigs S Range Russian and Austrians, as well as a Bavarian force.  I also still have my Ros Prussian.  Plenty to keep me busy!

I look forward to getting back to painting and gaming.