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Sunday 31 March 2024

Jacobite Rising - Battle Report

Several days ago, Bob Black called by and we decided to give Jacobite Rising a go, but using my 54mm troops rather than the game counters. 

The game was based upon the idea that a strong Jacobite force had severed the Government road, cutting off supplies and support to units in the north.  The Jacobites had established themselves astride a river valley, largely holding a low ridge.  A Governemt force of mostly regular troops has been tasked to clear the route and destroy the Jacobite force.

With three foot guards battalions and another nine line units the Government forces confidently advanced towards the Jacobite lines.  However, they did not bargain on a full tilt highland charge, supported by Irish Piquets on their right flank.

The highlanders wild charge sends the Northumberland Regiment towards the rear:

The highlanders continue their headlong advance pushing everything out of their way, while Jacobite cavalry swing around the Government flank:

Having taken some casualties the highland charge begins to slow (under the rules they lose combat power once below full strength).

Meanwhile, over in the centre, the Government regiments are also pushing forwards, coming up against the lowland units and French Scots.
A Foot Guards regiment is attacked by cavalry and French infantry, but despite taking some hits they fight off these attacks.
After several rounds of fighting the Jacobite lowlanders are slowly pushed towards the rear and Jacobite casualties are mounting.
Over on the other side of the river a Highland and a French regiment await the advancing Government regiments, which are hemmed in by the river.
The Royal Ecossais are in disarray as their general rides up to give support
At the same time the Lowlanders begin to rally.
Once again, the Jacobite cavalry charge into the Foot Guards.  The guards hold and the cavalry are forced back to their own lines.
Having reorganised the Highlanders charge once more.  This time they are beaten and destroyed by the Guards musketry.

The highlanders are destroyed:

Over on the opposite flank, led by their general, the Royal Ecossais drive into the Government lines, while some highlanders attempt to force the ford:
And, as all of this is going on, the Lowlanders, with a French regular regiment push forward (the Jacobites had a lucky break with the cards, drawing a succession that allowed major advances in the centre).
Heavy fighting erupts in the centre, with both sides taking casualties.  The Jacobites, however, having been on the back foot are beginning to make gains.
The fighting turns into a bitter hand to hand struggle for the centre as the Government line slowly gives way:
As French infantry and lowlanders pour fire into their ranks, two Government regiments break:

The Government artillery is forced off the hill and the redcoats pull back again. The Government commander decides his troops have had enough and breaks off.  The score is a draw, but the Jacobites win the day by holding their blockade of the valley:

This was an enjoyable game and looked superb with all of the troops on the table.  It took a little while to master the rules and there are a couple of areas that need further reading but otherwise the mechanics worked well.  The highlanders were great, charging about the place.


  1. What a super looking game, some fantastic figures on the table and a great battle that swung back and forth, great stuff!

    1. Thanks Donnie, it was great fun and a good set of rules.

  2. A real treat to see those lovely 54’s on the table and it looks like a fun game. However, there must be something wrong with the rules if it wasn’t a resounding victory for the Government forces!

  3. An excellent looking and sounding game Bob…
    So nice to see such lovely toys in action…

    All the best. Aly