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Monday 4 October 2021

Machine Guns and Bunkers

 As part of the Japanese defending force for my Pacific mini campaign I needed some bunkers to support th the trench works already completed.  I have created two based upon a log and earth type structure.

First off the machine guns, Airfix do not have any heavy weapons in the Japanese set, just a light machine gun, so I had to convert some figures.  I used Esci guns cut from the Japanese set figures:

While in the conversion mood I also created some Bedouin Arab gunners using the Airfix Arab and 8th Army sets. These will go off to engage in colonial battles:

The Japanese machine gun nest was made from bamboo kebab sticks:

A roof came from an MDF base:

The machine gun tested for size before the crew are added:

Filler is used to build up the earth walls and roof:

Sprayed brown all over:

And finally grass and foliage is added to complete the bunkers:


  1. Nice conversions and the MG nests look very effective.

  2. Great work, Bob! Reminds me of the Tarawa game my old club put on at Salute.