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Sunday 24 October 2021

French Napoleonic Elite Light Infantry

 I was looking for some Russian Grenadiers when I stumbled across these Minifigs S range elite light infantry.  I recall starting these in 2010 and I remember the date as they were part of a pile of figures that I took with me when I was working overseas. When I returned they were stored away and forgotten.  Discovering them gave me the urge to finish them off.

Now, I have disposed of my Minifigs French, but these will join my Ros French and provide an elite light infantry capability for my Imperial Guard. They are painted using Humbrol gloss colours:


  1. That’s the most camp uniform I have ever seen. Are you going to call them Elton’s Own?

  2. Very nice Bob…
    I have some of these in my painting pile…
    I am looking forward to getting them painted myself…

    All the best. Aly