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Sunday 19 August 2018

Days 7 & 8 Siege of Sevastopol

I have included days 7 and 8 together as so little has happened. On day 7 the weather changed to rain, which lasted until noon. The British guns banged away for most of the remaining day causing minimal damage to the Russians, with the infantry in the forward positions taking some casualties. As dusk drew in the guns fell silent as ammunition was used up. That night with the boggy wet roads the Allied supply score was a poor 2, meaning that there would be insufficient ammunition for a full day next morning.

The Russians decided to sit tight, conserving ammunition for the inevitable assault on the Redan. Resupply was used to bring up more fresh troops.

Day 8 was supposed to have been another day of bombardment, but continued rain and supply problems reduced this to just two batteries firing sporadically throughout the day.  The allied commanders met that evening and determined that the assault must begin soon and that further ammunition supplies would be conserved to support the attack.

The allies rolled a 4 for resupply, which did not provide enough for all batteries to be supplied.

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