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Monday, 13 August 2018

Day 5 Siege of Sevastopol - Deliberations

Day 5 began with a meeting of the two allied commanders to determine the way ahead.  The political background was largely unchanged.  In Paris there was great celebrations as the news of the fall of the Mamelon filtered out; although there was criticism of the British who were accused of not supporting the valiant French effort. The political direction from Paris was simple - take the Malakoff when ready, but France cannot afford too many more casualties for this operation.

The message to Raglan from Horse Guards was supportive of current operations, but would wish to see a British victory before the Malakoff is taken.  The London press was less kind, with Raglan depicted as sitting on his hands, wasting huge sums of money for little gain, while the French claim all the glory.

Raglan and Pelissier chewed over the options. While publicly stating that the French wish to assault the Malakoff immediately, privately Pelissier informs Raglan that his army is spent and without additional troops an attack on the Malakoff would likely fail.

Raglan proposed that the day be spent resupplying the artillery and that the guns should switch the bombardment to the Redan as a preparation for a British assault in the next 2 -3 days. Meanwhile, the French should continue to fortify the Mamelon against a counter attack. Pelissier agreed.

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