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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

"There my Lord is your enemy, there are your guns"

Russian Artillery

Douglas Miniatures produce a single Russian artillery piece, which is made up of four parts: A2 Gun Carriage with open trail and three other parts common to both the Russian and British guns, which are: A5 Wheel x 2 and A6 gun barrel. Here is a picture of the Russian version of the gun:

The artillerymen themselves depict Cossack horse artillery, but strangely there are two versions. R4, R5, R6 and R7 which are Cossack Horse Artillery in small fur cap, Officer, Gunner with Ramrod, Gunner with Spike and Gunner with Ball. Here they are:

The second version is made up from figures R24, R25, R26 and R27, which depict Cossack Horse Artillery in tall fur cap; again an officer, and gunners with ramrod, spike and ball. These are completely different castings from the short fur cap fellows, and I prefer them:

And just for fun, the Light Brigade has a go at taking them out:


  1. Stirring stuff, as to the Cossack gunners I too prefer the later versions, the out-riders for the horse team also come with the larger caps and by removing their whips and replacing with swords you can have a Cossack cavalry variant
    DM made several improvements/changes to some of the figures over time, there's at least 3 variants of Nap Brit infantry, at ready pose, the Marlburian artillery out-rider is a version of the mounted Marlburian dragoon, speaking of which I'm sure there's a Marlburian gun crew out there somewhere, it was as far as I know never listed but clues are there, as found on original moulds, a galloper gun carriage and the out-rider

  2. It would make sense that there are more out there, but of course it was possible these were planned and never saw the light of day. Some Russian command figures in soft caps would be great.