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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

British Light Infantry 1854 

There are no figures designated as light infantry in the Douglas Miniatures range, but as they wore the same uniform as their line infantry counterparts it is possible to use ordinary line infantry as skirmishers. Apart from the light companies from line battalions and light infantry regiments, there were also two battalions from the Rifle Brigade in the 1854 British order of battle. The 1st Rifle Brigade formed part of the 4th Division, whilst the 2nd Battalion was part of the Light Division. 

In order to distinguish my British light and rifle troops from other line units I use the Douglas Miniatures figure B7 (Infantry Firing) along with line infantry officer figure B5. I removed the bayonets from the firing figures too. The unit stands out anyway, clad in their dark rifle green uniforms:


I have also used a seconded Hinton Hunt Crimean figure as an extra officer, as he was spare. You can see him lurking in the background with an advancing infantry figure (B6) also painted as a Rifleman.

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