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Monday, 12 August 2013

The Douglas Miniatures 20mm Crimean War range. I have compiled a list of all of the known figures in the 20mm Crimean War range. Most of the moulds for these figures are now owned by John Cunningham who produces the figures for sales. Sadly not all of the moulds were preserved and John is eager to find masters of these figures (especially standard bearers). There are also some gaps. For example as far as is known no officer figures were produced for any of the cavalry units. The French have no officer or standard bearer and the same applies to Russian infantry in soft caps; only officers and standard bearers in helmets being produced.Furthermore, there is no figure for the Britsh 11th Hussars, which had the distinctive busby, but Douglas produced such a figure in their Napoleonic range which can be used as a substitute. Here is the list of known figures in the Crimea range:


B1 Light Dragoon
B2 Scot Grey
B3 Lancer
B4 Heavy Dragoon
B5 Infantry Officer
B6 Infantry Advancing
B7 Infantry Firing
B8 Guards officer, drawn sword
B9 Guardsman Advancing
B10 Guardsman Firing

B12 Royal Foot Artillery Officer
B13 Royal Foot Artillery Gunner with spike
B14 Royal Foot Artillery Gunner with ball
B15 Royal Foot Artillery Gunner with ramrod
B17 Line infantry standard bearer
B18 Guards standard bearer
B19 Highlander advancing
B20 RFA outrider for horse team
B21 Guardsman running


F1 French Zouave


R1 Officer in Helmet
R2 Infantry in helmet advancing
R3 Infantry in helmet firing
R4 Cossack Horse Artillery officer, small fur cap
R5 Cossack Horse Artillery gunner, small fur cap with ramrod
R6 Cossack Horse Artillery gunner, small fur cap with spike
R7 Cossack Horse Artillery gunner, small fur cap with ball
R9 Dragoon
R9a Dragoon horse
R10 Cossack lancer
R10a Cossack lancer horse
R11 Lancer
R11a Lancer horse
R13 Caucasian Rifleman
R14 Infantry Standard bearer in helmet
R15 Caucasian Rifles Officer
R16 Infantry advancing greatcoat and cap
R17 Infantry firing greatcoat and cap 

R24 Cossack Horse Artillery Officer in large fur cap
R25 Cossack Horse Artillery Gunner in large fur cap with ramrod
R26 Cossack Horse Artillery Gunner in large fur cap ball
R27 Cossack Horse Artillery Gunner in large fur cap spike
R28 Cossack Horse Artillery outrider for horse team

Horses and Artillery

BH1 Cavalry horse
BH 2 Artillery horse saddled
BH3 Artillery horse off side  

A1 Gun carriage solid trail
A2 Gun carriage open trial
A3 Limber, centre pole
A4 traces
A5 wheel
A6 gun barrel
A7 Russian limber

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