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Saturday, 3 October 2020

German Paratroopers

Being a really wet day yesterday, I thought I would go for a rummage in the garage and my eye fell upon a crate with WW2 German written on the side.  Inside there were a load of boxes, but three caught my eye and I took them into the house for inspection.  


The contents had been there since a game up in Cumbria in the 1990s, a jumble of German paratroopers from various manufacturers, some painted, others not.  So, I decided to pick out the best, tidy them up and put them on bases.  There were two types; early war c1940 and later war c1944.  

First off the early war figures, mostly by Airfix, with a few Revell items:

The second lot were mostly Revell, with a few ESCI and a scratch built recoiless weapon:

Now, I can see a game emerging that involves the early war paratroopers attempting to capture a bridge held by French infantry during the 1940 invasion of the low countries!


  1. A good find Bob, your place must be like Aladdins cave.

    1. There is a lot of stuff in there that has not seen the light of day for decades! I have just spent a very happy couple of hours reading your blog. What lovely figures and such a variety of game types and periods, very much after my own heart. I really liked your Airfix AWI action.

    2. Thanks Bob, I appreciate that.