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Sunday, 18 August 2019

Mini Campaign - Operational Area

I have been looking for a suitable map of a section of European terrain on which to fight my campaign; and I found this pair of maps from the SPI board game 'Firefight':
The two maps join together several ways and are huge, about 4ft x 4ft. 

I have not gone firm on this map, but it does offer an extensive area with plenty of open going for armour and key features such as river crossings with a few settlements and wooded areas. Played up and down would offer the challenge of  an operation split by two river valleys, whereas, playing across the map would have several obstacles that would need to be negotiated.

Lots of food for thought!


  1. I recall the only time I ever played FIREFIGHT, I had the soviets, an armour heavy force thundering down that red/white dashed road from left to right. I had to take that hill off to the right of the advance, but that was about it, for my forces. The terrain was so open, and the US anti-tank units stood so far off that my tanks simply got shot to pieces without being able to reply.

    1. Fortunately there are no ATGW units in my games! I think that was the Cold War doctrine, lure the soviets into killing zones and kill off the tanks with masses of anti-tank weapons. I remember our Division studying OP GOODWOOD (from the German side) when I was based in Germany in the 70s, as a basis for defensive operations.