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Sunday, 8 September 2013

More on Artillery

Limbers and Artillery Teams

Douglas Miniatures produced limbers and horse teams for both sides. In fact the sets were identical apart from the outriders and the limbers themselves.

Russian Limber

This item comes in 7 parts:

R8 Russian Limber set, which includes a top for the limber.
A4 traces
A5 x 2 Wheels

The set also needs 4 horse, two each of

BH 2 Artillery Horse Saddled
BH 3 Artillery Horse Off Side
R28 Cossack Horse Artillery Outrider

British Limber

This item uses many common parts from the Russian limber, except for

A3 Limber Centre Pole

B20 RFA Outrider

And finally the British Gun:



  1. As far as i can tell all DM guns & limbers were fairly generic across the ranges, although I did find a galloper gun carriage & wheels but no gun barrel on the original moulds, I believe the galloper gun was for the Marlburian range so there maybe a Marlburian gun crew out there, any help finding them and any other DM figures would be much appreciated
    cheers Old John

  2. Limbered up artillery are one of my favourite pieces of battlefield paraphernalia. I look forward to seeing these made up.