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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

British Line Infantry

There were four British Line Infantry figures in the Douglas Miniatures Range:

B5 Infantry Officer - very similar or the same as the artillery officer.
B6 Infantry Advancing
B7 Infantry Firing (seen earlier painted as Rifle Brigade)
B17 Line Infantry Standard Bearer - so far not available.

I like the advancing pose. He is dressed in full marching order and wears the high Albert Shako, and represents a figure as they would have appeared as they stepped off the transport ships early in the campaign in 1854.

Here are the  officer and advancing poses:

As mentioned above the standard bearer is not currently available (anyone got one in the bottom of their spares box?); however, if the figure follows previous Douglas Miniatures practice the ensign will be an adaptation of the officer figure. This is the case with the Russians and some of the Napoleonic ranges. So until an example surfaces I have adapted some of the line infantry officer figures:

Here is the 68th Foot, part of the British 4th Division during the Crimean war.

And here we have a British Brigade, the Right Brigade of the 4th Division, consisting of 20th Foot, 68th Foot and 1st Rifle Brigade. (the 21st Regiment is still to disembark!!). The staff officers are adapted from the Rose Miniatures 20mm Napoleonic range.


  1. The collection is certainly coming along nicely. Like the look of the Rose mounted officers-any chance of a closer shot?
    Keep up the good work.

  2. These guys remind me of my 'first generation (1G)' Minifig Napoleonics. A bit 'toy soldierish' and rather delicate, but attractive figures all the same. I'm beginning to find these days that the older style of figure (if you'll pardon the expression) is more engaging painted up and massed for battle than the more elaborately sculpted modern figures.

    For a long time I was thinking of 'retiring' my '1G' Minifigs, but never really had the heart to do so. These days they still form part of my III Corps d'Armee..., alongside my 2G and 3G Minifigs, and the Corps of Front Rank figures... These last are OK figures, by the way: it's just that I've never quite 'fallen in love' with them somehow...

    I wonder if part of the reason has to do with the Minifig types being rather easier to paint?

  3. For me it is pure nostalgia, by recreating what we had back in the 70s. My two brothers and I were exploring wargames and these figures were the start point. I find too that I can maintain my enthusiasm for painting the old figures for some reason. I too still have a load of the early Minifigs, although I prefer the S Eange types, which I still collect today.