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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Battle Report - Ligny 16 June 1815 - Command and Colors

This battle turned out to be an epic struggle for control of Ligny brook and the villages along its banks.

The action became divided into three distinct battles; being fought on the left, in the centre and on the right. Each action saw fortune swing one way then the other, each time casualties mounting.

The French kicked off the battle with an attack in all three areas, but the cards dictated that initial emphasis should focus on the left flank, with a French attempt to take the village of La Haye:

The Landwehr units holding the village were quickly overwhelmed and La Haye was soon taken by the Young Guard:
French Chasseurs a Cheval charged forward and destroyed a Prussian battery:
Meanwhile Prussian counter attacks are beaten off by the Young Guard, who are now attempting to break out of the village:
However, a counter attack by Prussian cavalry and more infantry sees the Young guard being overwhelmed and the French desperately cling on to La Haye:

 Eventually the French are forced out, but they take a heavy toll of Prussians as they depart.

In the centre there is a similar story with the battle for St Amand and the wood to the east. Initially the village is held by Prussian line infantry and jaegers:
 The French take a battering as they approach the defending Prussians
 An assault by the French finally pushes out the Prussians
 However, the Prussians push more reserves over the river to retake the village.

 The French hang on destroying many of the Prussian units, although all French units are also severely weakened..

On the right flank the action around the village of Ligny follows a similar pattern, with French attacks being beaten off:

 The Prussian Jaegers are soon overwhelmed and the French take the right flank buildings;
 Once again the Prussians counter attack
 But are driven off
 Further French assaults destroy much of the Prussian infantry on the right flank and there are few Prussian reserves, having been committed to the action in the centre.
 A Prussian cavalry charge forces French guns to retreat, but has little effect on the French advance:
 And as Napoleon launches the Imperial Guard Prussian casualties tip the balance.
The heavily depleted French win the day - just! The score is 11 - 9 to the French, although the left flank and centre were very much Prussian victories, but the massive French assault on the right swung the battle in favour of the French. This was an epic struggle and great fun to play.  The battle could have easily gone the other way. Here is the map towards the end:


  1. Epic battle, and an attractive set-up.

  2. Splendid stuff Bob...

    All the best. Aly

  3. Great looking game! C&C provides such an enjoyable game especially in miniature.

    1. It is good to be able to play a full scale battle in a few hours. I used to find that with other rules the game bogs down and I lose interest when resolving all of the actions.

  4. Great too and fro, giving a big battle sense in a local playing area.

    1. Yes indeed, it was really touch and go, right to the end.