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Friday, 4 November 2016

Project Battle Cry - Trial Run

Having painted sufficient troops for the first scenario, I thought I would set it up to see what it looks like. Unfortunately, my hills hexes which I ordered have arrived, but they are the wrong size. My fault. I did not notice that the company that makes them uses a different measuring point than that used by Warbase; they are too small by about half an inch - doh! I have ordered some more.

In the meantime I set up the first scenario in Battle Cry, which is First Bull Run, using a four inch hex mat.  I already had the hills and woods hexes from an earlier Napoleonic game and put these to good use. The units just about fit a four inch hex, but will look much better and a bit les crowded when I get to use a full five inches. Here are some images:


  1. Bob are your second lot of hex hills from the same supplier orfrom somewhere else? Could you tell me who?

    I have a CorSec Engineering cloth with 6" hexes and I have been looking for a source of hills for some time.

  2. Hi there. Apologies for taking a while to respond; but I have now found the link to the eBay site:

    This is an excellent company who will cut the hexes to your specification. It is worth sending them an email using the contact seller feature, but the way to order is to select something near to what you need and in the comments box set out the measurements and thickness that you require. Make sure you check the measuring point correctly in terms of 'diameter' as they measure from the points of the hex, while the wargame cloths tend to be measured between two flat sides.

    Good luck!