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Friday, 25 November 2016

Some new offerings from Old John

I have to admit that I have had these figures hanging around in my must get these done tray for longer than I would like - but at last they are finished. They are a group of Crimean figures produced by Old John converted from Minifigs S Range moulds, and designed to fill some of the gaps in available 25mm figures.

First up is a British command group in 'pork pie' hats:

I have a battlion of infantry that need a command group, so these will fit in nicely.

Next up is a mounted guards officer:

Followed by a mounted higland officer:

Finally we have a Sardinian cavalry trooper:


  1. Those are a delight Bob. I have a squadron of those Sardinians tucked away. I might steal your paint scheme as it looks very fine.

  2. Thanks. I am not sure whether the Sardinian is 100% correct. It is possible that the trouser stripe should be blue, the saddle cloth may be edged white or silver rather than red and the cuffs may be piped red, rather than solid red. If I paint a whole unit I will conduct a little more research. There are some of these figures, I believe, on the ABC war games site. Other sources show the shako all red at the top with piping akin to the French Chasseurs d' Afrique.