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Saturday 26 November 2016

Playing around with hexagons

I continue to look at ways to represent the scenic elements of my Battle Cry and Command and Colors playing areas. Most of my Napoleonic troops have been rebased and organised to fit on a four inch hex gridded table. They are mounted on four stands each 40 x 20mm. Here is an example, a British unit:

Which comfortably sits on a four inch hex:

However, when it comes to buildings it does become a little tight. I have been experimenting and came up with this solution - this is a rough trial example:

A unit can fit easily into the courtyard to represent a defended built up area:

Unfortunately there are those figures that are moulded with rifles and bayonets thrusting out at a low angle. To avoid the bayonets being pushed into the ranks in front I mount these figures on 40 x 25mm bases, such as these Warrior Spanish:

However, joy of joys, these figures also fit into my walled farm hex, albeit with little room to spare:

I am going to take this idea forward with some other designs.


  1. Like the troops - real 'wargames' figures. The walled farm looks fine and practical. Ive seen interesting experiments with 'outlining' built up areas with 2D or '2.5D' building profiles. The system looks surprisingly effective on square bases. I wonder how it would go on hexes?

  2. Top stuff Bob. Watching and learning.