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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Project Battle Cry - More Scenery and Buildings

Continuing the construction of the battlefield I have completed the painting of some roads:

This is what they look like joined up with a unit on them. It also gives a feel of what units will look like on the table in relation to the hexagon size:

This is a ford hex:
It is important to note that a crossing needs to be made on a curved section of river, otherwise the road cannot cross at right angles. The ford can also double as a bridge (scratch built from a Peco N scale tunnel kit):

As mentioned before I plan to use 15mm scale buildings and this is how I think I will configure them on the table:
The same building occupied by a unit, which just fits the hex nicely:
I have also picked up some Lilliput Lane items very cheaply on eBay, this one cost 99 pence, plus postage. I added a little paint to the base to help it blend in (not really ACW, but looking ahead to Command and Colors!!!!):
Now all I need is for the hills to arrive. I need to think about trees for woods. These will likely be mounted on bases and free stand within a marked hex on the mat.


  1. Hex mats..damm..why didn´t I think of that ?
    I´m also thinking about trees. I don´t want to go down the route of spending time producing a lot of realistic looking and fragile bits of shrubbery that will contrast too much with the Overall effect. I´ve got an idea to go for Toytown/Noddy type trees..something that will stand up to being knocked over and easily stored. More or less along the lines of a base, a trunk and some greenery on top..quick, easy and durable.

    1. In that case a good option would be the old Merit trees. They are robust, have a good base and are cheap. I think they are still available, if not there should be plenty on eBay. I am thinking of using these trees - I have some somewhere.

    2. Thanks. I´ve got a couple of New way Trees (made in China) the ones with Clip on foliage, I´m scouring flea markets and childrens toy Shops for more and I have come up with a way of making trees en mass..they will never win any prizes for realism, the look of first test one gave me the giggles but fills the requirements of being robust and cost nothing.