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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Mystery Figure

I was wondering if anyone can identify this splendid American Civil War figure. It is made of metal, maybe pewter, and is of 20mm scale. I have placed an Airfix figure next to it to give an idea of scale. The figure came with a batch of other figures recently purchased off eBay.


  1. It is an old Pax Britannica figure - now sold in the US under the RSM95 range by the Dayton Painting Consortium (DPC). If you pop over to my blog and look at the "War Between the States" posts you will see more of them. There is a link to the DPC website there also.

    1. Thanks Matt - I took a visit to your blog and found the very figure (in rebel garb though!) amongst a great selection of ACW troops. I must say that you have done a really great job painting them. Of course I then began meandering through all your other projects, all very interesting and beautifully painted.

      I am doing a little project myself attempting to use Airfix figures on a table using the Battle Cry game mechanics. I am currently painting 20 infantry, 3 cavalry and 3 artillery units; all Airfix.

      Thanks again. Bob