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Friday, 9 September 2016

Inkerman Wargame - The Russian Plan

The Russian plan is quite simple, a simultaneous attack along two axes supported by massive artilley fire. The first assault would be along the direction of Quarry Ravine by General Paulov, with the aim of taking the area of the Barrier, taking the Sandbag Battery and on to the main ridge. Meanwhile a second force under General Soimonov, would advance up the Careenage Ravine, sweeping up onto the ridge from the North West. Shell hill would be secured, where the Russians planned to establish a massive battery of artillery to support the assault. Key to success will be coordination of the two forces and the ability to sieze and hold the main Inkerman feature.

The Allies, mainly British, were at this time in barracks in their respective camps, with a number of pickets formed from eight companies of infantry screening the likely approaches. They also occupy the Sandbag Battery, which has no guns installed, and the Barrier. The British 2nd Divsion, which is camped behind Home Ridge, has the responsibility for the defence of the Inkerman feature, while the Light Division is encamped further to the rear on the left and the First Division, minus the Highland Brigade is camped about a mile further to the rear. Further back, with a promise to assist in the event of a Russian attack, are the French. To be successful the allies must hold off overwhelming Russian forces until sufficient reserves can be brought up.

Here is a rough overview of the Russian plan:

In effect the battle will be a meeting engagement, with the Russians having numerical superiority at the outset, while allied force numbers increase as the day moves on. The battle will start with the detection of the Russian assault, which will commence at around 05:30.

Victory conditions are: At the end of the battle the Russians must hold the Barrier, Shell Hill and the Sandbag Battery. The British must deny the Russians these three features to win.

My sources for this action are:
1. Stuart Asquith's 'The crimean War', Partizan Press (good map and orbat),
2. Battles of the Crimean War, W Baring Pemberton, Pan Books,
3. Crimean War Basics, Michael Cox & John Lenton, Partizan Press
4. And the wonderful eyewitness account by Cadogan.


  1. I'm looking forward to this - what is a game turn in terms of time?

    1. Hi Stryker. I am thinking 15 minutes. That would make for 20 turns, starting around 6am. Historically the Allies had fully reinforced by around 11am, after which a Russian success would be impossible.