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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Missing Figures

According to the superb Old Metal Detector blog site, the Douglas Miniatures Crimean War range may have included some other figures. They can be found included in the lists here;

 The Old Metal Detector

Whether these figures were planned and just listed in the catalogue, or whether they ever actually went into production is not clear. But, the above Blog certainly suggests they could have been. Comparing the list in the Blog with those now produced by John Cunningham, these are the "missing" ones:

B17 British Line Infantry Standard Bearer.
B18 British Guards Standard Bearer.
B? British Highlander Running (There is a photo of this one in the Blog)
B? British Highlander Firing.
B? British Highland Officer.
B? British Highland Standard Bearer.
B? British Hussar.

R? Russian Officer in Cap, Drawn Sword.
R? Russian Infantry Standard Bearer, Drawn Sword, in Cap.
R? Russian Infantry Advancing, No Pack in Helmet.
R? Hussar.

So, the question is, were they ever made? We know the running highlander was, and given they have catalogue numbers it is possible the British line and guards standard bearers were produced too. But what about the others? I would welcome any information, picture, or (dream on) sample of these figures. Even the catalogue numbers would be good, if there are any old lists lurking out there.

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