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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Turkish Cavalry   

There are no Turkish figures in the Douglas miniatures Crimean range, so any representation must come from other sources, however, once again John Cunningham has come to the rescue. He has converted a number of figures, which coincidentally fit the Douglas Miniatures horses perfectly.

I know very little about the cavalry uniforms of the Ottoman Empire at the time of the Crimean war and there are few reliable sources. From the information I have found the style of dress of these figures match the uniform patterns of the 1840s, which were still widely used by the time of the Crimean war. I have painted three samples based upon this information. If anyone knows better I would love to hear from them. Here are a few of pictures:

I shall have to order some more!



  1. Very nice. I was reading Ralph Weavers latest today and it just struck me that those would make a good Garibaldi lancer.

  2. In the beginning of the war the Turkish cavalry had the old uniform of the 1840ies. In 1855 a new uniform began to appear. Figures for the Turkish army which fit in scale with John's Douglas are available here:

    The details of the uniforms you can see here:


  3. Thanks for the confirmation of the uniform details Uwe.I have taken a look at the Hagen Miniatures website and the Ottoman Turks do look very good. It is especially nice to see painted examples of the figures to get an idea of whether they will fit in with the collection. The command figures and musicians, as well as the artillery look very useful.