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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Experiment with Minifigs S Range

I am still trying to find some figures to bolster up my representation of the French in the Crimea. As mentioned earlier, the Douglas Miniatures Crimean range consists of just the one French figure; namely the Zouave, and it would be good to have some more ordinary troops. I ordered some samples of the Minifigs S Range Crimean French figures from John Cunningham and have painted a few. Height wise they match up quite well, but they are generally more stocky when compared to the slender Douglas figures - but they do look nice and there is a good selection.

The figure on the left is actually a US ACW Marine, painted as a French light infantryman. The Chasseur d' Afrique cavalry figure is a one piece casting and unfortunately, the rider, in my view, is too large, and he doesn't look right next to the Douglas cavalry types. The infantry figures match quite well. I also painted up a Franco Prussian war French general, although slightly larger than the Douglas figures, he works quite well too:

Here are some comparison pictures. First cavalry, the Douglas figure is in the centre;

Second, the infantry, again with the two centre figures being Douglas Miniatures.

I have to say that I really like the ACW US Marine figure as he is the right size and of a slender build.

Before I commit I have also ordered some Scruby 25mm French and Turks from Historifigs in the USA. We shall see how well they blend in!


  1. You know. That ACW marine would also look right for the slightly earlier regular French infantry that took Rome in 1848. I was planning on using regular Crimean French infantry as the distinction between the kepi and the slightly taller shako did not seem like much at this scale.


  2. The infantry figures look fine to me but you are right about the cavalry!