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Monday, 9 September 2019

Italian Infantry Brigade Group

I have been looking for some Italians to support my Airfix first series Afrika Korps and quite by chance I came across some wonderful conversions by Jeffers, which have been cast in metal by John Holt at Warrior miniatures. I am told that more figures should be on the way (I hope) in due course.  In the meantime I have sought artillery and support weapons from Ian Kay at Irregular Miniatures.

Here is an overview of the Italian forces:
The infantry are based upon the first series Airfix 8th Army figures, converted in true John Sanders style:
The command figures are by Irregular Miniatures:
As are the machine gunners:

And artillery...

The tank is by Butlers Printed Models (BPM) and is 1/87 scale. I will probably acquire a few more of these:


  1. Don’t worry, they will! I’m on a Napoleonic surge at the moment and have some British cavalry to finish first, but I will be back on the spaghetti soon (wholemeal only - part of my new diet).
    These look great as ever and the Irregulars go rather well too. Might pick some up myself. Note BPM do a lot of Italian vehicles now, including softskins, so I have no excuse...

    1. I look forward to their appearance; however, the Napoleonics look lovely too. I am tempted to buy some of the Saxon troops!

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    1. With a bit more armour it should prove to be a nicely balanced force.

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    1. Thanks. Those early Airfix types do look nice on the table.

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