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Saturday, 8 July 2017

An update

I was a little shocked to learn that I had not posted on here since May - a whole month and a bit has slipped by! I have not been idle, its just that there has been little to report as I work on several projects at once. I seem to do a few days on one, until I tire, or somethng else crops up, when I shift to another theme.

At the moment I am working on the following:

1. I continue to paint my 1/32 Britains Deetail collection. I am working on some scots soldiers, painted up as the Black Watch:

2. I am working on a Command and Colors scenario, playing on a 5 inch hex board with miniatures. I found a scenario for the battle of Bunker Hill and this led me to dig out my old Spencer Smiths. They have not been used since the 1980s and were in a bit of a state. I also had to rebase them to fit in with the game rules. Almost finished, this too is a work in progress:

Here are the Brits:
I need some 17 battalions! And here are the Americans:
I still have a couple more units to do. I am cheating slightly by using some Prussian figures, until I can muster all of my US troops.

3. I stumbled across a couple of old boxes containing a collection of 1/300 tanks and troops - these go back to the 1970s. I have had an idea to fight a Normandy 1944 action using Memoire 44 rules. Yes, that means more rebasing and scenery construction. Here are some of the troops:

British armour:
German armour:
and some other stuff:

The German artillery and 88s are on the updated bases.

4. I am slowly putting together a plan to refight the charge of the Light Brigade; when I have finished the last British cavalry unit.

There, that's what I have been doing.


  1. Wow and double Wow. That's an amazing output, Bob,
    I remember being somewhat scandalized when I first saw the Britains Napoleonics in the mid 70s that they had skimped on the bayonets!

    1. I prefer those with no bayonets, as those that do have them tend to be very bendy and hard to put right. Oddly, Britains moulded half the French and half of the Brits with no packs and no bayonets - namely the kneeling British line, kneeling and standing firing scots, as well as the standing firing French line, kneeling and the standing firing Imperial Guardsmen.

  2. It all looks very good to me!

  3. Yep. Lots of neat things going on although my money is on the Light Brigade. Can't wait to see that one.

    Best Regards,


    1. Just need to finish off the 13th Light Dragoons and the Brigade will be ready.