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Friday, 14 July 2017

Battle Report - Normandy '44

Having set up the battlefield and positioned the troops the battle kicked off with a British artillery bombardment against three targets, causing some damage to the German infantry units deployed in woods and villages. The infantry unit in Grainville was particularly badly hit. After the Germans moved some of their armour from the rear the British began their assault on Grainville:

Under cover of artillery the infantry, supported by engineers breached the minefield, losing a unit in the process:
After a brisk battle Grainville fell and British armour began to pour through the minefield breach; However, just as it looked as though the first objective was secure, a Battalion of SS Panther tanks swept around the british flank, shot up a Regiment of M10s, forcing the other British armour to redeploy to meet this threat:
Eventually the Panthers were beaten off, but the British attack became bogged down as 88mm guns in a wood, supported by dug in infantry, picked off the allied tanks:
An airstrike severely damaged German infantry in and around Garvus:

While the fight for the Grainville salient continued, attention shifted to the left and the British attempted to force three armoured Regiments, equipped with Churchills across the river:

The leading Regiment pushed German armour away towards the village of Baron, but the Germans managed to quickly reinforce with two more armoured units, which after a vicious tank battle in turn blunted the British advance:

Over on the right, the now depleted British were able to reach the Bridge, conducting a combined infantry and armoured assault, that cleared out the remaining pockets of resistance, having at last eliminated the troublesome 88s. The British could now advance on their second objective; the village of Garvus:

:Eventually Garvus too fell, but the British forces here were spent, having lost most of their armour. The British now turned their attention to the Centre and a very expensive attack, several withdrawals and counter attacks.

Eventually British infantry managed to force their way into Tourmauville village.  This tipped the balance in favour of a British victory (memoire '44 score 8-7, with 3 objectives taken).

Overall this was a fun game to play, moving along quite briskly. The adjusted rules worked well, although a couple of further adjustments will be needed. In terms of the outcome, the British were nowhere near taking Hill 112, but they did manage to establish two bridgeheads over the Odon. The river was a formidable obstacle, stoutly defended by SS Panzer Grenadiers, with armour and anti-tank guns proving to be highly effective.

Having read accounts of Operation Epsom and Jupiter in June/July 1944 I understand a little of what a tough action it must have been.


  1. You know Bob, I'm not sure I realised you played M44. The 6mm stuff looks great on the board. More please!

    Good game. We're doing a Bulge game tomorrow.

    1. Thanks. This is my first venture into M'44. I have had the game a while, but I just cannot get into board games - I think the visual effect is important to me. I look forward to the Bulge game, which assume will appear on your blog, or in MW magazine? Do you play with the rules as written, or have you made additions adjustments?

  2. Although 6mm is not my thing, I do like the way this action has been visually presented. You make 6mm look good!