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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Normandy Battle - Memoire '44

I have at last finished the rebasing and preparation of the battle board for my Normandy battle. I am using 1/300 figures and vehicles and a four inch hex playing mat. I have based the battle loosely on the British attack across the Odon River in late June 1944, with the objective of taking Hill 112 beyond.

The battle will be played using Memoire '44 rules, which I have modified to suit my own needs.

The map below shows the key features.  In defence the Germans, mostly SS troops, control all of the key villages, which they have fortified with infantry and 88mm guns. They also have a strong moble reserve of tanks as well as heavy artillery.

The German defences on the right are particularly strong around Grainville, which includes an extensive minefield. The Germans have also placed obstacles on the far bank of the Odon before Tourmauville.

The Odon river is not such a significat river as depicted on the map, but it is deep, has steep banks and is heavily overgrown with trees and scrub.  Areas of bocage are depicted by the green square fields.

The British are sitting astride their start line ready to begin the attack:

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