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Thursday, 5 March 2020

On the workbench

I haven't posted for a while, but that does not mean that I have been dormant.  I have several painting projects on the go, but none are completed, although a couple are nearly finished. Here is my 'workbench':

There are three Warrior napoleonic infantry units on the go, as well as a cuirassier unit. Near to completion are two Minifigs French artillery units. Further downstream is a SYW British infantry unit, plus some Spencer Smith's being painted as a background project.

I have also been building some scenic items for an impending 1914 WW1 action. I hope to report on this soon.

I paint in batches as most of my subjects are painted in gloss enamels, which means that sometimes I have to wait a couple of days for paint to dry. Several projects mean that I can keep production going.

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  1. But I bet with all that Humbrol gloss it smells great... Would take me back to the freshly-painted figures and models my dad would produce for me. Once I was warned not to touch the new Airfix Yak 9 drying on the mantelpiece. I did, leaving a big thumbprint on the fuselage. Dad refused to repaint it, so it stayed as a reminder of my disobedience!