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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Creating a German Battle group

I continue to reorganise my Airfix and other WW2 soldiers. This time I have re-based my Airfix German infantry and painted up some more of my Roco Minitanks to create a combined arms force. I have not given the elements a particular designation as in different scenarios they could be used for different size units. For example, a tank unit of 4 tanks could be a platoon, a company or even a larger formation.

Here is an overview of the whole force:
The battle group consists of infantry, three units, a unit of assault guns, two units of medium tanks and a unit of heavy tanks. In support is a recce unit, an artillery unit (I need more of these) an anti aircraft unit and finally some transport.

Here are the infantry units, mostly re-based figures:
There is supporting machine gun, mortar and anti-tank units:
Supporting the infantry is a unit of Stug III assault guns; the picture also shows one of the medium tank units equipped with Panthers:

The other medium tank unit is made up of Panzer MK IVs:
And the heavy tank unit is equipped with Tiger 1s:
Out in front of the battle group is my reconnaissance unit:
At the moment I only have one artillery unit; I probably need some more. This is a 150mm gun unit:
Also in support is a self propelled anti-aircraft unit with 20mm and 37mm tracked guns:
Transport is provided by a number of half tracks.

I plan to organise my soviet army along similar lines and I thought it might be a good idea to fight a series of actions as part of a campaign with the two forces spread over a map - more thinking required!


  1. This could as well be a Panzer Division, with a brigade sized SS Kampfgruppe in support. Looks nicely organised! (Wish I could say the same about my own...)

    1. Yes, that is more or less what I was thinking for a campaign based game. I feel the SS group needs a little more in the way of support elements. Will think about that.

  2. Replies
    1. I think the type 1 figures work really well with Minitanks, which is why I use them. I had a few casualties as I renewed the bases, as some are becoming quite brittle.

  3. Great to see the original Airfix figures, I have fond memories of these although the British were rubbish in comparison. Weren't there some with their hands up (or was that the Africa Corps?). What scale are the Minitanks?