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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

More from the Scrap Box - Belgian Infantry 1815

Over the last few days I have completed two more Belgian units from the pile of dusty, poorly painted Prince August figures. This is what they looked like before I started:

With some cleaning up and a repaint, I finished up with a unit of Belgian Chasseurs:

And another Belgian line regiment:
I need to square off the flag, which is a little misaligned.

I now have a Belgian Brigade:
This will form a Dutch/Belgian Division in my new 1815 allied army.  I have also been experimenting with a Brunswick line infantry conversion:
This has potential too!


  1. Its great to see how you rejuvenated these old miniatures ready for the tabletop again.

  2. Good to see you making the best of Prince August's versatility- great job there.