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Sunday 5 April 2015

Yet more Cossacks - Ural Cossacks by Strelets

Adding to the Russian Cavalry hordes, the next unit to join my Russian Army are the Ural Cossacks. They are 20mm plastic figures from the firm Strelets and their Crimean War range. It took me a while to work out the colours of this Regiment. My initial foray on to the interweb suggested that they should have light blue facings and I started to paint them with this in mind, however, further research stated that they have raspberry or crimson facings/piping - so that's what I have gone for.  I was a bit doubtful about these figures to start with, they appeared rough and chunky but, once the undercoat was on  I found that they were a joy to paint.

Next up, a Regiment of Don Cossacks

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