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Saturday, 8 May 2021

WW2 British Anti-Tank Teams 20mm & Airfix Arabs

 Continuing my way through my ancient WW2 Hinchliffe figures, I decided to paint some anti-tank elements. The first figures man a 2pdr anti-tank gun, which I think was originally a Hinchliffe casting, but this one was released under the Caldercraft label.  The crew are early Hincliffe gunners:

The second team is made up of the infamous PIAT gunner, who has to drag part of a brick wall around with him that is moulded into the base.  The number 2 on the weapon is actually a mortar loader, but I thought that the team needed two figures:

For a bit of fun I painted a pile of Airfix Bedouin Arabs.  These should make a useful enemy for the French Foreign Legion or even in a Northwest frontier action:


  1. It’s funny, for me, Bedouin Arabs were over 45 years ago, I look into your photo and it seems like just yesterday - iconic Airfix!

    1. I think I have been looking at these figures for around the same time; opening the box, thinking about painting them and then putting the box away.

  2. Argh! The wall! The wall!