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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

SYW Prussian Dragoons

 As I continue to work through my Eric Knowles collection of Seven Years War figures, over the weekend I refurbished another cavalry Regiment.  This unit is marked up as the 1st Prussian Regiment of Dragoons.  The figures are 25mm Minifigs and they look splendid in their light blue, trimmed yellow uniforms:


  1. Yep, a very handsome unit. Some complain about the broad hindquarters of Minifig horses, but, having spent quite a bit of time on and around equines in my younger years, I've always found the 25mm and 15mm castings pretty much spot on as far as proportions go.

    Best Regards,


    1. I tend to agree. The current Minifigs range look stubby and overly broad unpainted, but come into their own 0nce painted and based.

  2. Beautiful Prussian Dragoons, lovely colors!

  3. An excellent looking unit, the Minifigs figures have painted up nicely. I especially liked the moustaches which must have required a steady hand.