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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Punic Wars - Wofun Style

I have always wanted to have a go at some ancient battles, particularly the Punic Wars.  The problem is that, with all of my other interests, I have never been able to put together a painted army.  I had seen Wofun figures on other blogs, so I thought I would take a look.

I have opted for the 18mm version of the Punic Wars starter set.  It consists of the two armies, Roman and Carthaginian.  Setting up, took a couple of hours as each group of figures needs to be eased out of the Perspex sheet and then attached by clipping in to an MDF base, which is pre-coloured. So seting up is quick and easy, although I managed to break a few figures with my fat fingers.

This is what they look like; the Romans:

And the Carthaginians:

Overall the set does provide two reasonable armies, however, at 18mm I find it quite hard to work out what the figures are and I have written a description on the underside of the bases. This may prove a problem in a game.  I do not like the white outline created by the Perspex and I may paint all the edges in black.

The jury is out.


  1. I think as a means to game periods you want to but will never be able to paint then this is a really good way forward. A colleague has a large 18mm Marlburian and he has brown inked the edges just to diffuse the white and they look a lot better, a small label stuck to rear of base my be your way forward re ID enjoy

    1. Hi Graham, good advice. I think I will do something with the edges as the white edges just don't look good.