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Monday, 1 June 2020

More Tribesmen

I have been experimenting a bit to see which tribesmen look the best by painting samples. First off are these Barry Minot Beja warriors.  They are nice figures, easy to paint, but I am not keen on this particular pose and so far I only have three figures by Minot. If I can find more I would use them:

Next, I have a handful of Minifigs Beja. Whilst I liked the riflemen recently painted, these figures just look wrong to me and I don't think I would bother painting any more:

Finally I have some Ansars and these are from Bicorne Miniatures, I believe originally Connoiseur Figures sculpted by Peter Gilder. I like these very much and I plan to produce two full units, with the second unit on the workbench right now:

What is interesting is that there are four or five base poses and variety has been created by adding different heads and weapons to the castings. These figures are still available from Bicorne Miniatures and I may add a few more to build up the numbers.

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