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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Prussian Landwehr

Continuing the process of refurbishing and reorganising my Ros Prussian forces, I thought I should try to reflect the Reserve and Landwehr units. The Reserve is quite easy as the Ros line infantry can be painted to represent Reserves; however there is no suitable casting in the Ros range for the Landwehr. I decided to take a look at Warrior Miniatures as a possible alternative and as a test I have painted a single unit.

This unit is painted to represent one of the Silesian Landwehr battalions, with their distinctive yellow facings.  I realise that the flag may not be correct and there is some debate as to which units actually carried colours, which were banned from Reserve and Landwehr units from 1813. That said, there is some evidence that some units defied this directive.

Anyway, here is my Silesian Landwehr unit with colour, looking very smart indeed!

I may paint some more, in facing colours to represent each of the Prussian provinces.

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