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Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Hinchliffe WW2 20mm Figures

In the 1970s my brothers and I purchased a few of the then emerging range of Hinchliffe WW2 figures and they have been sitting in drawers for decades. Recently with my introduction to Memoir '44 I have started using these figures, as seen in the recently played out Pegasus Bridge scenario.

The discussion following Pegasus bridge led to some very kind gifts of Hinchliffe Russians and Germans from fellow bloggers. This has allowed me to expand my collection, and of course given me the opportunity to paint some different figures.

Here are some samples of German infantry, notably some support weapons and a few infantry:

An Mg 42 team and an 8cm mortar with crew:
Anti-tank teams:
German infantry:
German elite troops:
I have already painted a number of British infantry and I am near to completion of a large group of Russians. More pictures to follow.


  1. Good to see old figures finally getting their turn, especially since you've done such a great kob with the painting!

    1. Yes, they scrubbed up rather well. Thank you Ross for your very kind donation to this project. I should say that I have always been very impressed by the generosity and team spirit (if that's the right term), of this small group of wargamers who follow these blogs. Another kind person freely made me some Austrian cuirassiers that I am in the process of painting.

    2. I agree, I've been the recipient of examples of that generosity myself