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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Peninsular Warriors - Napoleon Arrives

Arriving in Spain to see for himself what is happening in the Peninsular in 1808, Napoleon takes charge of the situation with the capture of Madrid and forcing the retreat of the British to Corunna in January 1809.  He did not stay in Spain for long as he departed to deal with the emerging threat from Austria.

Here we have the emporer with his senior commanders, with an escort provided by the French horse grenadiers of the imperial guard. All figures are by Warrior Miniatures. Napoleon is the only personality figure available in the napoleonic range:


  1. Well why not? We do call it the Napoleonic period. And a fine Napoleon he is too. I like his Staff as well though.

  2. My Napoleon has just gained a Mameluke servant! Love the non-warrior horses - what make are they?

    1. I am pretty sure that the horses are early Warrior models, as both of the staff officers are from my original 1980s collection. I seem to remember bending the head of one the horses with pliers - but I am happy to be proved wrong as my memory of these two is vague. Napoleon is a current casting, as is his horse, I believe.